Welcome To Influencing Your Children

Dear Parents

My purpose – the reason I believe I was put here on this earth – is to bring this material, to kids.

Like many parents out there we have all said at one time or another, if only I would have known about this when I was a teenager.

Our problem as parents though is we think we now know better and we do whatever we can to tell our kids don’t do this or make sure you do that.  One thing I know for sure that has not changed with parents and teens is that “telling” doesn’t work.   So how could me writing a book for teens be any different than telling them what they should do. It isn’t.  That is where you come in.

It was very clear to me that my book would get into many teenagers hands through their parents – and most likely their Mom – not to leave out Dad, I am just speaking statistically.  So here is my recommendation to you if you think that there is valuable material in here – perhaps you have heard me speak – and have picked up my book –  before you gift this to your teen read it first – Coming soon is my next book which is a companion to this one for parents about influencing your teens.  So let me use the language we parents understand – in other words, let me “tell” you that the fastest way to get your kids to do what you want is to influence them, not tell them to read something .

Read it first – the principles are just as relevant to you as your teen, in fact – more relevant – as your because if you think this material is right for your teen – I am going to bet there is information in here that will help you influence them – change yourself –and your kids will want to know why and how you did it.

Help me get this material into the hands of children starting with your own.  But help me to get it to others that can’t afford.  I am donating a portion of the proceeds of my book to Parent Advisory Committees to help promote Self Image building in schools – but if you know a child that would never get this material due to lack of money let me know.     I will mail them a copy.

And please read the letter from your teen.

Love Sue xO